C-K-READY Participating Sites

Translating Research for Health Equity

Is your clinical site interested in participating in our study? 

Thank you for your interest in participating in C-K-READY.  In order for your site to be eligible, your site must have been granted an Implementation grant from Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI). If your site was awarded the CHI grant, please contact us at C-K-READY@bmc.org  to learn more about our study.

Are you a participating site? 

Your site will…

  • Webinar: Participate in a 45 - 60 minute informational webinar/conference call.
  • Site Visits: Meet with a C-K-READY team member during a 1-2 day launch visit at your site, which includes a brief informational meeting, preparation of recruitment letters and finalizing of a data use agreement.
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Access: Provide EMR access to a C-K-READY team member for data collection at two time points: 12 months and 24 months.  
  • Funder: Receive $1,000 for your participation. The C-K-READY study is funded by the Overdeck Family Foundation and the Valhalla Charitable Foundation.

Our C-K-READY Research Study Team will…

  • Site Visits: Conduct a 1-2 day in-person site launch visit, as well as yearly 1-2 day site visits for study data collection.
  • Recruitment: Recruit 60 Mother-Child Dyads from your site and will conduct follow-up data collection for two years. Please note: your site will not be expected to assist with recruitment other than providing access to the EMR or calendar system in order for C-K-READY to find appropriate contacts for patient outreach.
  • Materials: Provide your site with all necessary materials during the duration of the study so that sites may be prepared for study participant questions or issues.
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