What is CONtexts?

CONtexts is a free text messaging service that promotes child and family wellness by providing current information about community resources on health and nearby fun. Read more about this project.

We conducted a preliminary analysis of our study findings using all of the baseline data (N=98) and the follow-up data collected to date (N=62). 

Baseline samples: The majority of caregivers (83%) were between ages 20-40 years old.  Our sample is primarily female (86%) and largely underrepresented minorities (4% Non-Hispanic White).  The majority of caregivers are single (64%), nearly half (49%) completed high school, vocational school or less, and the majority are lower income families (40% earn <$15,000) and 80% received some form of assistance.

Follow-up interviews: We have found that the intervention group that received the text messages demonstrated a strong statistically significant differences from controls in the support caregivers found in neighborhood programs [OR=3.84 (95%CI: 1.14, 12.95); p=0.03]. Intervention caregivers were nearly 4 times more likely to report supportive neighborhood programs.  We found that caregivers in the intervention group were less likely to report fair/poor self-rated health [R=0.22 (95%CI: 0.06, 0.770; p=0.02].  


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