A Deep Dive: Vital Village’s Service-Learning and Leadership Model

Desiree Hartman
By Desiree Hartman

“Fundamental to the development of a community is the enrichment of the individuals that call it home.”  —Vital Village Member, 2014

Our Network uses a Service Learning and Leadership Model to create opportunities for every community member to advance along a leadership trajectory to build community capacity and engagement. There are five components to the Service Learning and Leadership Model:

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All or None

Renee Boynton-Jarrett
By Renee Boynton-Jarrett

It goes without saying that every child should be treated with justice, humanity, and dignity. 

Recent reports of the inhumane conditions in child detention facilities at the southern border of the United States have exposed widespread child neglect and mistreatment.  Immigrant rights lawyers who conducted numerous interviews with children inside Border Patrol stations have described the inhumane conditions as a human rights violation and ‘public health emergency.’ There is evidence of unsanitary conditions, insufficient nutrition, lack of basic toiletries and blankets, and denied, delayed, and inadequate medical care. Tragically, the ACLU has reported that at least seven children have died in custody or after being detained.

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Gaining Momentum: Residents Launch Local Mental Health Initiatives

Mesa Merritt
By Mesa Merritt

In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month, residents came together this May to form a mental health awareness committee and design a month-long campaign to destigmatize and uplift stories of mental health and connect families to resources. The committee also used the month as a spark for igniting sustainable, community-led strategies in supporting mental health.

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Investing In the Village, Investing in People

Amita Wanar
By Amita Wanar

At the April Breastfeeding Coalition meeting, Lifting Up Local Leadership in Black Maternal Health, participants were asked what actions they were moved to take as a result of the meeting. Community Champion She-Tara Smith shared, “Vital Village invests people and that is something I want to do more.”

One way that Vital Village and community partners invest in Boston residents is through our Service Learning and Leadership Model where residents can gain knowledge and build skills in their fields of interest.

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