Network Members Lead Another Year in the Village

Desiree Hartman & Josette Williams
By Desiree Hartman & Josette Williams

Every year, Vital Village Network community members nominate an Unsung Hero—an individual who extends themselves beyond expectations in their community or organization as a leader in maximizing child health and well-being. We assemble a committee, we review each nomination, and we celebrate the recipient with the network!

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A Leadership Summit to Remember

Erica Pike
By Erica Pike

It was not long after Vital Village closed the doors at the 2017 Leadership Summit: Building Wellness through the Power of Advocacy, last year, that we set forward thinking about what we could do for the 2018 Leadership Summit. Each year we aim to spotlight the strengths of Network members and convene new and existing members of the Network to learn alongside & from one another through the annual summit.

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Local Leadership and Community Action: Partnering with Haitian-Americans United, Inc.

Desi Hartman and Smith Lamothe
By Desi Hartman and Smith Lamothe

On September 8th 2018, Haitian-Americans United, Inc. (HAU) and partners hosted the 6th Annual Conference on the State of Haitian Americans in Massachusetts: A Commitment to Measurable Community Actions for a Lasting Legacy in Mattapan.

Vital Village Community Champion and Improvement Advisor, Smith Lamothe, and 11 other HAU leaders organized and led 74 community members through an interactive conference highlighting the expertise of the community and engaging all people in action-oriented solutions-finding approaches.

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Data Dashboard Finds Sustenance in Community-led Data Workgroup

Risa Brudney
By Risa Brudney

When the Vital Village Network was being created, the strategic planning team envisioned a publically-shared data dashboard that showcased relevant benchmarks for child wellbeing and existed as a tool for community engagement.  Several months after launching the dashboard platform—Village Vital Signs—a community-driven workgroup began determining what data needs to be elevated by the dashboard and how that data should be collected, displayed, and accessed by the community. What’s more, this team worked on the ground, conducting outreach and brainstorming steps necessary to collect the relevant data and interpret it in a meaningful way. This workgroup came to fruition in the early fall of 2017, when a single interaction impacted one network member enough to catalyze new collaborations between community members and the process of data collection and analysis.

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