Let’s Get Counted: The 2020 Census

Tiffany Rodriguez, Cathy Luo and Lucas Sensius
By Tiffany Rodriguez, Cathy Luo and Lucas Sensius

Vital Village Network is excited to launch a cross-team collaborative effort to continue the conversation around the 2020 Census. We want to elevate grassroots resources and information regarding the ongoing 2020 Census. Follow along and engage in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. For comments, suggestions or feedback connect with Tiffany Rodriguez, NOW Program Coordinator, at tiffany.rodriguez@bmc.org.

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Through the Eyes of Children in the Village, They See Community!

Cathy Luo
By Cathy Luo

At our January 30th Vital Village Visioning Night, Network members gathered to share visions and goals for the community heading into the new decade. A resounding theme throughout the evening was the Village’s commitment to the community’s children. Dominique Bellegarde, a Breastfeeding Coalition leader and self-identified “Woman of the Community”, captured the energy of the evening in her statement, “We are raising the future generation of leaders.” 

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Community Leaders Pave the Way for a New Decade

Lucas Sensius
By Lucas Sensius

On January 30th, we kicked off the new decade with a network-wide visioning night. We started the night by celebrating our amazing leaders, strong partners, and innovative accomplishments and then set our sights on the future to dream where we want to go next.

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A Deep Dive: Vital Village’s Service-Learning and Leadership Model

Desiree Hartman
By Desiree Hartman

“Fundamental to the development of a community is the enrichment of the individuals that call it home.”  —Vital Village Member, 2014

Our Network uses a Service Learning and Leadership Model to create opportunities for every community member to advance along a leadership trajectory to build community capacity and engagement. There are five components to the Service Learning and Leadership Model:

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