Leadership Summit

By Vital Village

Following the 2-Day Leadership Summit held on October 21st and 22nd, the first 90 Day Challenge Cycle began.
Here is a brief recap of the Leadership Summit and the first week of the 90 Day Challenge.

Now that we are one week into the Leadership Summit we have had a brief moment to reflect on the process. We were honored to have 75 participants in the 2014 Vital Village Network Leadership Summit.
The 90 Day Challenge has officially launched, and we will continue to motivate each other and work collaboratively to plan and test program improvements, measure and track success, and understand the role of systems change.

Villagers are already beginning to share resources, information, and co-design ideas and work towards alignment of efforts. With the help of BigTent we are keeping our communication going online.

The work that participants are undertaking serve some very talented and special people who will benefit from strengthened and effective programs.

Initially, we aimed to have about 30 participants at the leadership summit. We were thinking too small. Over time we modified our goal.


Set an ambitious goal, then plan, do, study, and act!

The skill set that participants gained from IHI and IISC Trainings are helping to shape their own projects and help them get to the next level.


Stay tuned for pictures, videos and interviews from the Leadership Summit and upcoming 90-Day Challenge.

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