Network Connector, Volume 1, Issue 6; September 2014

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Volume 1, Issue 6; September 2014

Upham's Corner Strengthening Families Tea-Time: Mind, Body & Soul

What better way is there to take care of ourselves with a little break once in a while? Upham's Corner hosted a Tea-Time on Tuesday, September 23, 2014.

The highlight of the Strengthening Families Event was that

"Sometimes the focus should switch to me." The tea-time was a unique experience, focusing on enhancing self-care. The environment fostered a great sense of support for all attendees and the personal stories shared were full of tricks to cope with the stresses of being a parent. Participants were motivated to focus on their own needs and feelings - a step that can significantly enhance their psychological,emotional and physiological well-being!



Male Engagement Meet & Greet

The initial Vital Village Male Engagement Meet and Greet was a success! The event was an opportunity to discuss ongoing male engagement and fatherhood projects within the network. From mentorship to leadership programs, numerous voices were represented. The depth of discussion was enriching and network partners began discussing potential collaborative projects. This was an avenue to recognize and further Male Engagement and Fatherhood work that is ongoing. Collectively, we left the meeting with the sentiment that "we could change the image of black men and the image of fatherhood." There is a great photo journal
entitled Black Fathers, Present and accounted for. Follow the story of Jerel and his son Here
If you are interested in Male Engagement or Fatherhood initiatives please send us an email here!


Woolson Street Community Garden is now open!

Mayor Walsh, The Mattapan Food and Friends Coalition (MFFC) and The Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN) inaugurated the Woolson St. Community Garden with a hearty breakfast on Saturday, 6th September, 2014. The celebration was full of music and laughter! It was a beautiful day to be outside, to commemorate the Woolson St. community, and celebrate open space and a new hub for healthy lifestyles!



In This Issue

Woolson St. Community Garden

Male Engagement Meet & Greet

Upham's Corner: Tea Time


March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award

Upcoming Events

Congratulations to our innovator and partner Beth Monahan on her March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award for Community and Public Health!

Dr. Jack Maypole's article in the Boston Globe:
While review would help, program still vital for needy families

Why has spending on child welfare declined?

The role of social buffers in alleviating adversity and poverty.

Higher rates of volunteerism linked to lower numbers of disconnected youth!


What if we could save brains?
Dr. Mike Evans narrates a video about adversity and brain development. He emphasizes how play and nutrition can children reach their developmental potential! He illustrates a new tool for sharing information about the role of early life adversities and the importance of play and nutrition for child development.

Upcoming Events

10/6/2014: Vital Village Network Meeting: Asset Mapping
Leadership Summit, don't forget to RSVP!
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