(old) Centering Parenting Research Network

Translating Research for Health Equity

The CPRN (Centering Parenting Research Network) aims to be a practice-based research network that coordinates and supports group well child visit clinical trials. CPRN will provide infrastructure to conduct trials related to the implementation of group well child visits in varied clinical practices, conduct postmarketing surveillance of CenteringParenting implementation in the real world, deploy and test standardized improvements to the CenteringParenting program among established and new sites, and promote research awareness and participation among CenteringParenting patients.

The CPRN hopes to make it easier to screen larger, more diverse groups of patients for participation in CenteringParenting clinical trials. The CPRN also hopes to convene a body of researchers committed to evaluating and prioritizing new proposed clinical trials to have the most clinical impact.

If you are interested in learning more or joining the CPRN, please contact cprn.cradle@gmail.com.



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