Peer Advocacy Action Roundtable (PAR)
Peer Advocacy Action Roundtable (PAR)

Peer Advocacy Action Roundtable (PAR) was a pilot legal advocacy training and coaching project for peer-to-peer community lawyering efforts. Located in the Dudley Square neighborhood, it aims to collaborate with residents to develop a toolkit and curriculum to support legal advocacy, problem-solving, and social justice. PAR catalyzed the collaboration with Urban College of Boston and has now evolved to the Urban College of Boston Community Advocacy and Leadership Certificate program.


Our Goals

  1. Identify resident priorities regarding unmet legal needs and hardships.
  2. Develop a resident-driven curriculum to address priority legal issues.

Our Collaborators

  • Medical-Legal Partnership Boston
  • Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (Boston Promise Initiative) 
  • Mother's for Justice and Equality
  • Race Equity Coalition

Project Leads

  • JoHanna Flacks, Esq. 
  • Ayesha Rodriguez

Resources and Reports

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